Women’s Sports Alliance supports British Shooting with new campaign: #TargetChange

14 Jul 2022

British Shooting, supported by the Women’s Sports Alliance (WSA) and ELEY, has launched a new campaign, #TargetChange – an initiative designed to change the perceptions of target shooting and shape its vision to become a more inclusive and diverse sport.

#TargetChange aims to break down barriers within target shooting by providing the platform to allow new people to get involved in the sport.

Spearheading the launch of the initiative is Ruth Mwandumba, two-times English Champion and the first black woman to represent England in ISSF shooting disciplines.

Ruth Mwandumba GB Rifle Shooter

As a black woman in target shooting, Ruth is just one of 0.5%, and while her experience within the shooting community has been positive, British Shooting feels more needs to be done to create role models that inspire a more diverse younger generation to participate in the sport.

To bring her story to life, Ruth has written and performed a stirring and emotive poem which will strike a chord with viewers, whether they’re involved in target shooting or any other sport.

British Shooting has teamed up with the WSA and ELEY to ensure the initiative will reach as many people as possible with a hope that it inspires more people to get involved in the sport.

#TargetChange will become an umbrella term for a series of campaigns, partnerships and projects that change the perception of target shooting as a sport, raise the awareness of its wider benefits and particularly focuses on how British Shooting can become a more inclusive and diverse sport.

A host of free ‘have-a-go’ events have been planned around the country to give people the opportunity to get involved in target shooting.

Those interested in getting involved in the sport, can compete the expression of interest form available on the British Shooting website.

#targetchange campaign

GB Rifle Shooter, Ruth Mwandumba, said:

“The #TargetChange initiative is great because the whole focus is to get new people involved in the sport. Hopefully we’ll get a lot more people wanting to try it and when they do, they’ll get to see what it’s about and how fun it is.

“I’ve found the target shooting community very welcoming to me, but one thing I noticed when I started the sport is that there aren’t many people who look like me and that’s something I’m determined to change.

“If you’d have asked me when I was younger what I think a target shooter is, I’d have thought of the stereotypical flat cap and tweed. I didn’t know much about it back then and my poem is important to show people that there’s a whole other world of target shooting. I wrote it as a way of talking about my experiences.”

Ruth Mwandumba & Jordan Guard

WSA’s Founder & Managing Director, Jordan Guard, said:

“As soon as Ruth and British Shooting came to us with the #TargetChange campaign idea, we knew we had to be involved and support. Ruth is a fantastic ambassador for British Shooting and for women’s sport in general and even though she has experienced many challenges, she has become an inspirational role model to the next generation of talent. By involving our WSA creative team and platform to the campaign, we wanted to ensure that Ruth’s beautiful message generates the exposure it deserves.

“We feel honoured to have been involved in this campaign which has been designed to increase diversity in shooting and we will continue to support British Shooting and any new female talent that is discovered in the future. Thank you to British Shooting and ELEY for believing in Ruth’s message and for enabling the Women’s Sports Alliance to spread her powerful words far and wide. Thank you also to Ruth for being one of the main driving forces in this movement for positive change.

“As a final note, we would like to encourage anyone and everyone to get down to the ‘have-a-go’ days. You never know where it might take you!”

Ruth Mwandumba Photoshoot with Henry & Jordan Guard

ELEY’s Marketing Director, Michael Atkinson said:

“The #TargetChange initiative is a breath of fresh air for our sporting community.

“British Shooting has taken the initiative to change the perception of target shooting by introducing a platform to allow new people to get involved in ‘have-a-go’ events around the country.

“ELEY has been at the forefront of ammunition production for over 190 years is the perfect partner for the pioneering campaign.

“Ruth, an ELEY-sponsored ELEY athlete, is one of the most determined athletes we have had the pleasure to work with. Since joining ELEY, she has become English Champion and the first black woman to represent England in ISSF disciplines – we could not be prouder!

“I cannot stress how important it is for our community to stand together and support British Shooting, alongside Women’s Sports Alliance, to raise awareness of the wider benefits of target shooting and how together we make target shooting fun as well as a more inclusive sport.”

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