Cube International and the Safe Event Scheme

14 Jun 2020

Cube International has for a long time recognised the lack of standards approach to meeting regulatory requirements within the events industry; unlike the construction industry, where CDM regulations are mandatory and a CHAS accreditation, though voluntary, often forms part of the process. The onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic has emphasised this even more, particularly when looking at the safe route forward and the guidance necessary to return the events industry back to life.

Given that we have played a major role in the development of industry solutions to hygiene and on-site operations during the current crisis, through our ‘Don’t Pass It On’ hand sanitiser initiative, we decided to contact other industry leaders to kick start a process of helping events return and function in a safe and responsible way. This is how the Safe Event Scheme was conceived.

don't pass it on hand sanitiser station
don't pass it on hand sanitiser stations
don't pass it on hand sanitiser station


We recognise and value the importance of working collaboratively with experts from across the events industry in the wide-ranging areas of support required and have, therefore, brought together respected industry partners to offer a professional service in response to the on-going needs of our industry. The tools we have developed mean anyone in the industry can access the same high standards of guidance and professional service; whether they be health and safety consultants working as contractors at events, or whether they are rights holders or venue operators looking to ensure they have done everything possible to ensure a safe event.

safe event scheme stadiums
safe event scheme events

The Safe Event Scheme is a benchmark for the sports and events industry. It takes into consideration government guidance, best practice, insurance evaluation and on-site requirements, as well as behavioural change training, where required. It is an industry tool which can be used by any event, both on a global scale and at local event level, that believes in the values of the scheme and the re-emergence of an industry, post Covid-19, which instils safety, trust and confidence.

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