remembrance sunday

Remembrance Sunday 2021

14 Nov 2021

John Crook, Cube’s Workshop and Installation technician, and a military veteran, laid a Remembrance Sunday wreath on behalf of the Cube International group. Here’s his story:  

“I am a Military Veteran and have had the honour of being the Parade Marshall for the Upton Parish parade on Remembrance Sunday for the past 7 years. I have carried out this role, both as a serving Soldier and Veteran, and have had an active involvement in the planning, coordination and execution of the Remembrance Parade. As Parade Marshall, my duties include the coordination of the Order of March for the Parade, marching the Parade to the Church, then onto the Cenotaph for the wreath laying ceremony.

As a veteran of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Remembrance Sunday is truly a significant day for me, and holds a lot of meaningful memories. Having served in combat myself, I have a great understanding of what those who served before us had to endure and what they have sacrificed in order for us to have the way of life as we know it. For me, however, this is not just a day to remember those that have tragically fallen, it is also a day to reflect on why they had to fall in the first place, and to remind everyone that we, as a nation, can learn so much from our history. 

With so many of the Old Guard no longer with us, I believe it’s incredibly important to keep the traditions surrounding Remembrance Day in the thoughts of us all. This is one of the most important reasons why I chose to honourably take up the post as Parade Marshall, as I feel it is the responsibility of those left behind to keep those traditions alive.  

With this in mind, I thought it would be great to coordinate a wreath on behalf of Cube International, the group of companies I now work for, and to pay tribute and remember all those men and women who have served this country. As a proud member of the Veteran community and part of Cube Management, it was a great honour to be able to represent Cube in the laying of the wreath today.”

remembrance sunday 2021

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