At Cube, sport is at the heart of our motivation, and we understand and appreciate that events, athletes, commercial partners and fans provide us with the platform for our group of companies to continue growing.

Whilst the majority of our business revolves around global brands, we also own and operate many smaller events and work actively with individuals, clubs, venues and voluntary organisations. It is this broad spectrum of clients and partners that makes us appreciate and understand the importance of charities and the need for encouraging the development of grassroots sport and innovative concepts within our industry. As a group, we are proud to be able to attribute some of our income to lend our support to these areas.

Charities are an intricate partner in sport, offering wider reach and broader engagement to the sometimes more focused audiences. They introduce volunteer support, provide additional incentive for sponsor participation and give organisers an opportunity to fulfil their own social responsibilities.

Within our organisation we are committed, therefore, to sharing our rewards gained through sport, as well as volunteering our skills and expertise, in order to help charities, grass roots and innovations within the sporting environment.



Cube is committed to supporting charities and sharing its success with great causes to help them achieve their goals.

We focus on using sport as a means to boost awareness, raise funds and deliver real value. Cube offers many different levels of support; from providing full event planning and promotion to developing and collaborating on current activations.

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At Cube we see supporting grassroot sports as a statement of our thanks and gratitude to an industry that provides us with on-going business.

It inspires our team and motivates each individual into pushing themselves beyond the norm in order to achieve amazing results for our clients and partners.


Cube applauds innovation and creativity, and thrives on embracing and developing ground breaking concepts. We love helping to ensure out-of-the-box thinking and ideas are brought to fruition.

Authenticity sits at the heart of our business and we celebrate the personalities and individuality of the people we work with, so that, when brought together, we are able to nurture great ideas.