Modular Buildings. Reimagined.


Cube Modular is a business which offers stunning modular portable buildings of exceptional design, construction and functionality. The company operates an exclusive licence to sell unique and innovative foldable containers, which reduce both logistical costs and carbon emissions, and manufactures entirely bespoke, custom-made units for maximum design and operational flexibility.

Market-leading and visually impressive, Cube Modular’s unique buildings create a powerful impact wherever they are deployed. The perfect temporary accommodation solution for the sports, event, festival, retail and construction industries.

Game-changing cargotecture, available for sale or for hire.



Combining modern pop-up cargotecture with powerful brand impact, our turnkey modular buildings provide the temporary accommodation industry with award-winning and market-leading solutions. State of the art materials, exquisite finishes and tailor-made interiors for unlimited flexibility and versatility are all key elements in their design.

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Modular in design and portable in nature, Cube’s unique portable units are simple to install, easy to relocate and offer endless configurations. Our foldable containers are particularly renowned as being the most mobile friendly and environmentally conscious solution within the temporary building infrastructure market.


Each Cube Modular unit is entirely customisable to clients’ individual specifications, including both the fit-out on the inside with imaginative interior lay-out options, as well as eye-catching graphics on the outside for maximum brand impact. We will bring your temporary building to life in a most innovative, creative and highly effective way. 


Our foldable container solutions ensure logistical costs are substantially reduced due to each container’s collapsible and foldable nature. A total of five container units can be stacked upon each other for storage and transport, thus offering an 80% reduction in warehousing and transportation costs compared to traditional, fixed frame containers.


Quality engineering, state of the art materials and the use of the latest technological advancements, ensure Cube Modular’s unit meet the portable building safety regulations. The Cube group is also fully committed to providing health and safety compliance and risk mitigation during transport, delivery and installation.


Award-winning, our portable units were winners of the Showman’s Show Green Supplier & Innovation award in 2019, and environmentally friendly, transport logistics and carbon emissions are significantly lowered due the units’ multiple container transportation capacity,
Cube’s modular solutions deliver nothing less than the exceptional.


Some of the clients our team has provided solutions for…